Makayla’s 20% Project Part 2

Me and my partner have not made any major accomplishments. we have not made any major accomplishments but, we made minor accomplishments. 1 minor accomplishment is we contacted the principal at the school we needed to contact. 

We have 1 major December goal is to meet up with the princaple/a teacher. We will achive that by both of us going to meet up with the principle and discuss what we need to do and what we need from him.



































Makayla’s Top 3 Favorite Rappers(Not The Candy Rappers)

3. Eminem    

Eminem is my 3rd favorite rapper because when he raps he makes since in what he is saying and he says big words and sounds scientific. I’m just kidding. The real reason is that he is so many things than just a rapper. He is a music producer, rapper, actor, film actor. He is so many thing in his career and I want many jobs/careers in the future. So, he is one of my inspiration.

2. Snoop Dogg   

I said Snoop Dogg because back in the days my dad would always listen to his tracks. Now, my dad still listens to him. When we are in   the car he put music on and it is usually Snoop Dogg. So, that is why my dad likes Snoop Dogg. the reason I like Snoop Dogg is that he is a really good rapper. Finally, I also choose him because he has so many different hair styles(i think that his hair styles are very unique).

Russ Vitale      

Russ is my number 1 rapper because he is cute and he is an awesome rapper.  Russ is an rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. To me he fells like who i’m men’t to be like. He is like a GOD to me. He fell in love with rap music when he was only 7 years old. He stated that G-Unit was one of the artist that he loved listening to back then. here is a link to my favorite song by Russ



Always appreciate your friends!!   





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Makayla’s Favorite Holiday in Mexico!!

Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos means THE DAY OF THE DEAD. The day of the dead is celebrated on October 31st and ends on November 2nd. The meaning for celebrating The Day Of The Dead is to let all of the loved ones that passed away come back for two days and spend time with there family’s and loved ones that are still alive. Many make dishes and bring them to where ever there loved one(s) died. I feel that the United States should celebrate the day of the dead along with Mexico.

I feel we should celebrate some of there holidays because so we can interact with them and show we are on there side. Also they celebrate most american holidays so we should celebrate some of there holidays in the U.S. Here are some more information about Dia De Los Muertos. They usually celebrate by using parades or big parties. They dress up and make yummy candy and just get every one in the spirit  If your asking ”Why is Dia De Los Muertos such a big deal? Its a big deal because you should spend time with your loved one(s) that passed away. you should be able to show you still love the ones who are no longer with us today! We need to start caring about the ones we will forever have in our heart.

If your wondering why I choose Dia De Los Muertos is because i feel people get bulled for the traditions they celebrate as a family and as a country or town/city. I don’t want to have people feel they cant celebrate there traditions in different places. So, don’t bully others if they don’t look like you or don’t live in your country or has a lot of money.

 Here are my hyperlinks: Day of the dead  &  National Geographic


Mark McNestry via CompfightCatrina, Mexico City

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Have a great rest of the week!! And always be yourself!!

Hey! You should read my story

One day, me and my best friend,Dulce,were outside playing hide-and-seek. Then a few minutes later, a creepy man appeared out of nowhere. He had grayish-brown hair, clean clothes, I think it was stolen,that looked untouched, and was driving a white scary van, mainly known for stealing children, that was all dirty. He asked us if he could play with us. We didn’t answer him we just ran away and we hid outside. He thought we were playing with him, so he ran after us. When he was finding us he said”Come out, Come out wherever you are!”We split up so he would only find one of us at a time. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF NOWHERE HE… gave us a unicorn! Wait that is not right comment down below the rest of the story in your perspective!

If Makayla Was A Principle/Vice Principle ………….

If I was an principle at a elementary school I would, get all the teachers to make a list with their students in their class(10 bullet points on it). On the list it will have what they think some of the schools rules and consequences they think we should have and all ideas are welcome. Then at the end of the week i will collect them. Before that I will need help going through them. So, I will choose students from 5th grade. The week after I get the lists the students I’ve chosen will stay after school for that whole week or until we are finished looking through them and deciding what rules and consequences the should have.

If I was a Vice Principle I would go to all of the classes in the school and talk to each of them and make sure that every one is being treated nicely and or is not struggling with school or family.I would give the kids Kona Ice (FREE) every 2 months. I would take all suggestions that the children or teachers have for me. I will make a drama club and anyone can join and they can audition for parts in the plays (but they don’t have to join). The reason I would do that the anwer is on my last blog called”Makayla and Izzys 20% Project”                Comment below” What would you do as an principle?”  Thank you for reading Makayla’s blog  

Makayla and Izzys 20% Project

Me and my partner Izzy are doing a project, we going to Collins Elementary School and working with 4th graders and putting together a play to teach them drama skills.

I feel like we are giving 4th graders a chance to express their inner true self. I feel we’re also giving them a chance to be actresses and actors. I feel they should be themselves because sometimes I don’t get a chance to express myself and I want them to have that chance I didn’t.


Our goals for November are, we need to contact our drama teacher at our school. We mainly have 3 goals for November. They are:

1. We need to talk to the teacher(s) we are doing the play with and tell them the schedule and make sure it is okay.

2. We need to figure out where we will practice for our play.

3. Finally we will need to write the scripts and teach the kids how to act on stage when performing in front of the an audience

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Attribution Facts You Have To Know

Activity 1

Here is the definition of attribution: action of regarding something as being caused by a someone or something. (Not giving credit.) You need to give credit to others work because if you don’t that is called plagiarism. In case you don’t know what plagiarism means I will tell you, it is when you use someone else’s words or ideas and pass them off as your own or you digitally copy and paste. If you’re still confused here are right examples and wrong examples.

Picture Saying · 图说语录 - January 29, 2014 at 08:00AM

Right. It is right because it has the name of the creator of this saying. Wrong   It is wrong because it says no name or no credit to the creator.  Also this information can help you out.Do you want to know how? Well,here is how,if you didn’t read my blog then you wouldn’t know what plagiarism is. I know what you’re thinking “why is she making such a big deal?” I’m making a big deal because there are some consequences like,it can get you expelled from your work/job or school. Another one is,it can become an legal action. Last one is, you can have all your work,even if you didn’t copy and paste all of it, it still gets erased no matter what you say or try to do.


Activity 2

Image result for pictures of beautiful flowers with butterflies realistic in fields

Butterfly is blue with orange dots

the butterfly is thin like paper

the butterfly is big as a Reese’s cup

the butterfly is free like me

Butterfly rests upon a flower

flower differs from butterfly

butterfly sucks nectar from flower

pedals lay on soft green stem


Makayla’s Avatar

I created this avatar on this website: chibi play maker

Why I chose my avatar

I choose my avatar because it is like looking in a mirror. Also, it cause it reminds me of the strength, power, and knowledge I have. I want to be a gypsy off of “A Cinderella Story: once upon a song”for Halloween .(You should watch it. It’s on Netflix.) It like expresses my character and who I see myself as a beautiful, young girl, who cares about others .Another reason I chose my avatar is I feel everyone looks different and has different personalities. Also everyone should be proud of what they look like. Don’t let bullies get you down! ?You are beautiful in your own way.

Makayla’s Passion For Babysitting

                              Brother & Sister Merlijn Hoek via Compfight      

Why babysitting is my passion  

  I like to babysit because you treat them like your own.You take away their fears and make them better.You’re the last face they see at night.You sing to them and read books to them.You’re the substitute for there parents.They depend on you to be an example and give them a little push then, let the parents push them the rest of the way.In my opinion  I feel that children have a bond with me and feel comfortable with me.

Here are 2 rules of babysitting children that are important to know.Rule 1. make sure you come 10 minutes early because it gives them a good impression and shows that you won’t be late in the future.You need to be flexible.You should be flexible because if something happens you need to have a plan B when plan A doesn’t work out.A few things I think you should know beforehand:

  •  The name(s) of the child or children
  • Phone numbers of parents and child’s doctor and local emergency numbers 
  • Who the neighbors are 
  • Locations of important things for the child 
  • Rules of the house and where everything is at and the child’s schedule    
  • Work hours of parents or guardian of the child 

Rule 2. Managing kids isn’t easy as it looks on television.It’s a challenge and requires interest.You cannot deal with kids in the same ways you treat adults.You need to be creative so that every interaction you have with a kid,transforms into a learning experience for them.Here are some pointers from me to you.

  • Ask yourself what kind of house and family will suit you
  • This job should insure the child’s as well as your safety 

Once you take this job then the child’s safety is in your hands starting from his/her meals from when they sleep.

  • Kids also need entertainment and fun so you have to be a good entertainer while keeping the rules intact
  • You should be respectful towards the parents as well as the child in order to gain their trust
  • Do every thing confidently 
  • First discipline yourself then only you will be able to discipline the child 

Therefore,dont smoke,dont abuse and don’t give physical punishment to them.

  • Remember that the child’s responsibility should be top priority for yours always. 

Thanks for reading

-Makayla Kelley